Become a prepared and confident parent
before baby comes.

A 4-week, nurse-facilitated, complete childbirth education program to help you feel more confident on your journey to parenthood. 

Go from feeling confused and overwhelmed to
confident and capable before baby comes.

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Little Wonders is an interactive, childbirth education program designed to help you prepare for your unique birth experience and learn what to expect. And all delivered in a way that is convenient for you.
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We often hear how pregnant parents  struggle to find the right class.

“I'm not sure what I need to know. I feel so anxious and don't know where to go for help.” 

“The thought of going into labour feels overwhelming. I don't know how I'll manage the pain.” 

“I don't want to drive across the city, pay for parking, only to sit in an uncomfortable class for hours.” 

“ I'm just not sure how to find the right class.” 

Cheerful Pregnant Woman

It's worth taking the time to find the right class for you.

A class that is made for today's parents - you know, with mobile friendly resources.

A class facilitated by a clinical expert, like a Registered Nurse.

Something that will be engaging for me and my partner.

A chance to connect with other expecting families.

You're in the right place

"I chose Little Wonders because it offered so much more than what I could find online. My doctor recommended it because of the quality programming and continued support offered. I am so grateful that she did. "

-First-Time Mom

Prenatal Yoga


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Created to
address fears
reduce anxiety
and increase confidence. 

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Start parenthood with 

Week 1

Understand the physiological and emotional changes during pregnancy, labour, and birth.

Week 2

Prepare for the unexpected twists and turns in your birthing journey from complications to interventions.

Week 3

Understand the needs of your newborn and ways to

build and strengthen family relationships.

Week 4

Prepare for your transition into parenthood - in the hospital and at home.

In just 4 classes you will have the essentials to understand and prepare
for your transition into parenthood.

1. Pregnancy, Labour, Birth: Understand the physiological and emotional changes

  • Understand the emotional and physical changes you may experience in pregnancy
  • Understand the signs you need to seek medical care in late pregnancy
  • Learn about preterm labour and how to reduce your risks
  • Learn about the stages of labour
  • Understand the signs that labour is near, what helps keep labour going - and what stops it
  • Prepare for labour by reframing labour pains and know how to manage early labour at home
  • Feel confident in knowing when you should to go to the hospital

2. Complications and Interventions: Prepare for the unexpected twists and turns

  • Reflect on your birth preferences and reframing expectations
  • Understand how to find comfort in your labour from coping techniques to pain medications
  • Prepare for the "what ifs" like inductions, augmentations, IVs, and fetal monitoring
  • Prepare for potentially needed birth interventions like vacuum, forceps, or caesarean births
  • Feel confident asking questions when interventions are recommended

3. Newborns: Understand the needs of your newborn and fostering foundational relationships

  • Learn about wide range of "normal" newborn appearance
  • Understand the benefits of skin-to-skin contact
  • Know what to expect in the first 24 hours (procedures and checks)
  • Learn about the first feeding
  • Prepare for what happens in the first days postpartum
  • Understand your newborn's world
  • Understanding why your baby cries, what they are trying to tell you and what you can do to meet their needs

4. Transitioning Home: Prepare for postpartum and the transition into parenthood

  • Learn how your body may change after birth
  • Feel prepared in knowing when to call your doctor/seek medical attention
  • Learn how to navigate the emotions of parenthood
  • Understand common perinatal mood disorders - what are they and how do you know if you are experiencing one?
  • How to support healthy habits as a sleep deprived new parent
  • Discuss when and how to be intimate after birth
  • Feel confident in knowing the basics of breastfeeding (tips for when it doesn't come as naturally as you hoped)

We deliver

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Enjoy personalized support as you prepare for your birth in the comfort of your own home.

Each 2-hour class is an interactive and engaging experience that goes beyond "just the facts".


The class is customized and catered to your unique situation so you get what you need from each class. 


Access to mobile-friendly resources through your online program.

As soon as you register, you will have access to our online program page. 


You can start digging into the content before your live classes - no need to take notes!


Your program is facilitated by an experienced healthcare professional. 

This program is facilitated by a COLO RN who supports you with reliable information and email/text support.


For the entire program you are supported by a trusted health professional.  

After experiencing Little Wonders you will feel prepared for your birth, confident that you will be able to manage the unpredictable circumstances, and know you have the support you need. 

All this goodness
packed into
one amazing program!