Quarantine Conundrum: Juggling parenting and work responsibilities

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

Many parents are struggling to work from home, juggling parenting and work responsibilities; all while maintaining some semblance of sanity. We get it! We are right there with you! Here are some helpful morning routine suggestions to fill your mornings with fun, learning, and love. Added bonus: it also helps burn some energy, promotes naps for your kiddos, and hopefully frees up your afternoon for some work.

Wake up!

It is oh so tempting to let your little ones sleep in on days when you are working from home (which right now, is likely to be every day). Even when we wish they would, many kids will wake up at a time when they are used to. This is because kids are creatures of habits. They thrive on consistency and routine. Not to say you can't spice up your day by doing something unexpected, but too much change can really challenge what kids can cope with. With the current pandemic, there is likely a lot going on that is new, different, and perhaps constantly changing. We can help our kids cope with these changed by keeping as much as we can the same. That is why we suggest maintaining the schedule, or daily routines, that your kids have become used to - including wake up times.

I know for my own family, we have shifted all of our wake up times to be slightly later than usual - by about 30 minutes. However, this meant shifting the whole day by 30 minutes, including bedtimes. Keep this in mind when trying to find your new daily routine with your kids.

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