Building baby brains through play.

Learn fun activities to help your baby grow + develop your parent-child relationship!

Does this sound familiar?

Do I need to buy all these toys to help my baby grow? 

How do you even play with an infant?

I have another older child,  how can I find time to play with my infant? 

How can I find ways to help my baby grow that is easy, fast, and cheap?

It's time to let go of the worry and doubt

 about how to play with your baby and start enjoying parenthood with

Comfort Play TeachTM. 

Mother and Baby

Each child develops at their own pace, with some skills emerging early, and others appearing later. So delight in who your child is, and discover how you can have fun as you go through each stage of this amazing growth together. Parents are their child’s first teacher, and will benefit from discovering strategies for stimulating their child’s curiosity and eagerness to learn.  Parents will find that as their collaboration with educators and other care providers becomes stronger, so does their child’s enjoyment of exploring new experiences and possibilities for learning. 

In just 1 hour a week...

Learn about the importance of play and activities to help nurture your baby's growth and development.

Be seen + heard in the live Q&A during the session. All responses are researched information and consider your unique family situation.

Follow along in the free guide provided for this event and learn great tips to help your baby's growth and development!

Each week we will find new ways to play and grow!


When we introduce babies to the world of spoken language and to words in books, they begin to understand how to share and learn information
and communicate their needs. 


Music supports a baby’s development in joyful and beautiful ways. Dancing with
and being sung to by a grown up, listening to music and making sounds are all wonderful experiences.


The world is an interesting place that babies can explore using their different senses, whether
listening to music, exploring textures, smelling a flower, tasting or looking at
your face.


Playing with your baby can create and support attachment,
communication and caring that will last you and your child a lifetime.
Play develops your baby’s physical, intellectual, emotional and social skills. 


Babies’ physical abilities begin to develop as soon as they are born. As
they move, babies make discoveries about their bodies and what they can do. As they gain greater control over their movements, they become more able to explore their world.

Once you register you will get...

...a link to join the virtual classroom where we will spend an hour each week learning and playing.  

...a link to join our virtual community to share your experiences and ask questions between classes. 

...a pdf guide for all the class content and activities to support you as you learn to play and grow with your baby.

Comfort Play Teach - Infant
Apr. 26, 10:00 a.m. MDT
Online Class