COLO Families was created for parents by parents.

From our personal and professional experience, we know the important role parents play in child development. We also get that parenting is hard, and sometimes everyone needs a little help. 


We also value the role of the Registered Nurse (RN) in family health. Julia Imanoff and Aaron Li are RNs and the founders of COLO Families, a social enterprise aimed to develop new solutions to social challenges. We believe Registered Nurses can improve people’s quality of life through connection, playfulness, and growth. We have a passion for Family and Community health and believe that by supporting parents, we can help foster healthy child development. 


As a community-based service, COLO Families aims to meet families where they are, in their homes and/or communities.


We are here to help families grow, together.

Julia Imanoff and Aaron Li are Registered Nurses who support and strengthen families. The content on this website and in our programs is research-based and adapted for real-life parenting. Copyright Colo Families Inc. 2020

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