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Nurse-led, parenting programs to create healthier, more connected families from the start.

COLO Families was created for parents by parents - who are also nurses!

We have a team of expert Registered Nurses ready to support you and your family through pregnancy, birth, postpartum, and the early years of child development.

Julia's Story: Beyond the basics

I remember being pregnant with my first. I made all the checklists, washed and prepared all the onsies, sleepers, and crib sheets to get ready for my baby. What I wasn't prepared for was to find out he was breech!

I felt defeated. No amount of knowledge or checklists helped me prepare for my birth. In fact, my father-in-law even asked me, "Julia, you are a labour and delivery nurse. How come you need a c-section?" The thing I hadn't focused on was the emotional and psychological preparation I needed to feel confident and capable of handling those unexpected twists and turns in my transition to parenthood. 

There are unpredictable circumstances that really challenge us as parents. How do we cope when things don't go as planned? But most Childbirth Classes focus on the knowledge. That's why childbirth education really needs to be a support program. It needs to go beyond the information and checklists (although those help too) and address emotional and psychological birth preparation
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As a parent, there have been many times when health information is given to me that is unengaging, outdated, and not fully explained. Whether it was in childbirth classes where I sat on hard plastic chairs in a cold room, at prenatal checkups, in the hospital during labour, birth, and postpartum, or when at home with a newborn, my spouse and I always had more questions than answers.

I have seen so many handouts on standard white paper, black font, with two text columns. I have been there when I packed up everything except the kitchen sink for those 5min appointments that I had to block-out ½ day for. I thought, "There must be a better way".

We now have 2 kids and looking back, we could have started parenthood with more confidence. As a nurse, I have seen the same thing happen to countless other parents - where they are feeling overwhelmed by lack of guidance, too much information, or mixed messages. I get it, I’ve been there, and yes it can be better.

Aaron's Story:
It can be better

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We created COLO families to help you feel confident and prepared for parenthood.

Whether it is preparing for birth, transitioning home, infant feeding or supporting your infant's healthy growth and development. We have you covered! We are nurses with over 30 years of combined experience and we have worked with thousands of families.

You deserve to be wrapped in a blanket of support as a new parent. From the personable and professional support of experienced RNs to the modern, accessible, and digitally-integrated experience, the parents in our programs gain more than know-hows. They gain the confidence that they can handle the unpredictable situations that come up and they know where to go to get extra support if they need it.  
Getting the support you need should be easy, convenient, and confidence-building. 

Let's work together and build your parenting confidence from the start. 

Meet Your Instructors

Julia Imanoff


Julia is an Advanced Practice Nurse with a specialty in Perinatal Nursing from the Canadian Nurses Association. She has worked in all areas of maternity care. As a nurse, an educator, and a researcher, Julia brings her expertise in teaching the Little Wonders Programs at COLO Families.  

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Nicole Ahmed


Nicole is an International Certified Lactation Consultant from Calgary Breastfeeding Centre and has worked with families to support their infant feeding journey for many years. She draws on her professional and personal experience in teaching Breastfeeding Workshops in partnership with COLO Families. 

Click here to learn about the amazing people who help make the magic of COLO Families possible.

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Our Approach:
Meeting you exactly where you are 

Mobile-friendly resources you can access anywhere, from any device.


Our programs are founded in our core beliefs that:

  • You should have access to the support and services you need to be the kind of parent they hope to be.

  • You are the experts of their families. Our nurses are flexible and adaptable to meet you where you are at and help you get to where you want to be. 

  • Supports for modern parents need to be based on credibility, accessibility, safety, and community. 

Where does the name COLO come from?


Julia Imanoff

co-founder at COLO

Initially we wanted something that represented support within the families and communities. We also wanted a name that encompassed the support we hope to provide parents. Ultimately, it came as a blend of the letter from our core values.
COnnect, pLay, grOw. 

Our Values


We seek to value and understand the  human experiences and the healing power of relationships. We strive to build connections between and within the families we support.

How we show up:

  • Understanding you have your own unique needs. 

  • Creating a safe space for conversations so we can be with you in this moment wherever you are in your journey.


We infuse play into everything we do together by being present, recognizing and celebrating the big and small moments with you.


How we show up:

  • Being flexible and fluid, and going where you take us, rather than a nurse-driven approach.

  • Playing to your strengths to help you gain confidence and capacity.


We recognize and support the diversity of families and their growing needs. We also honour the unique opportunities for growth in every family, team member, and broader community.


How we show up:

  • Activating a families potential by building a foundation for growth 

  • Acknowledging every step of growth along the way, big or small

Community Partners

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High Point Psychology
University of Calgary
Mount Royal University

We love working with local organizations.
Learn more about our community collaborations. 

Our Impact

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