Childbirth and parenting programs for the modern busy parent. 

Create a healthier, more connected family from the start with family programs and services to help you feel more confident on your journey to parenthood. 


Are you getting ready for your baby's arrival?

Feeling excited? Anxious? Overwhelmed?


Prepare for your baby and step into parenthood with confidence by taking our Little Wonders Childbirth Education Class.

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Our approach is centered around you. 

You (parents) are the experts of your own families. 

To give you the best support, we learn and listen from you first. Then we provide gentle support and professional guidance that fits with your vision for your family. 

Want to see what working with us can do for your family?
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Become a prepared and confident parent before baby comes.
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Join the next 4-week childbirth education program to help you feel more confident on your journey to parenthood. 
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Become a confident and prepared parent
in the early months.
Join other parents in our postpartum and newborn support program to help you feel more confident as a new parent. 
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Take the first step towards parenting with confidence with personalized professional support.

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About Us

Aaron Li and Julia Imanoff are Registered Nurses (RNs) with a passion for supporting parents because... well, they are parents too! They know the joys and struggles of parenting all too well. These two amazing humans decided to co-found COLO Families to better support parents because we could all use a little more help - especially these days!! 

Just like you, Aaron and Julia had to prepare and plan for the births of their children and all the unexpected twists and turns along the way. They are also RNs with over 20 years of combined experience and education to help support you as you prepare for your little one.

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